Cybersecurity to Venture Capital: Insights from Adam Bixler
Unscripted | David RavivJuly 05, 202400:47:3043.96 MB

Cybersecurity to Venture Capital: Insights from Adam Bixler

Join David Raviv and Adam Bixler as they discuss Adam’s journey from early internet technologies and military service to cybersecurity startups and venture capital. Get insights into the evolving cybersecurity landscape, the future of AI, and essential security practices. Perfect for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.


00:00 - 05:00: Introduction David introduces Adam Bixler. Adam shares his early experiences at the University of Pittsburgh and involvement with early internet technologies.

05:01 - 10:00: Military Service Adam discusses his decision to join the Air Force through the ROTC program. Insights into how his military service shaped his career and provided unique opportunities.

10:01 - 15:00: Early Career in Technology Adam talks about his early roles in technology, including working on campus infrastructure and with a friend's web development firm. The impact of Pittsburgh’s rich history in ARPANET and cybersecurity on his career.

15:01 - 20:00: Transition to Venture Capital Adam’s journey from military service to venture-backed startups. Forming a team and raising venture capital for the first time in 2012.

20:01 - 25:00: Insights into Cybersecurity Evolution Adam shares his views on the major cybersecurity breaches from 2008 to 2013 and their impact on the industry. The significance of the Target breach in 2013 and its influence on cybersecurity awareness.

25:01 - 30:00: Current Trends in Cybersecurity Discussion on the influx of capital into cybersecurity in 2021 and the subsequent pullback in 2022. Challenges faced by startups in the crowded cybersecurity market.

30:01 - 35:00: Role of AI in Cybersecurity Adam’s perspective on AI technologies in cybersecurity. The potential and current limitations of AI in the industry.

35:01 - 40:00: Investment Strategies and Market Trends How Adam evaluates innovative technology and distinguishes it from enhancements to existing solutions. The importance of solving unique problems in the cybersecurity space.

40:01 - 45:00: Insurance and Managed Services The role of insurance in driving cybersecurity improvements. Pairing insurance with managed services to enhance security for SMBs.

45:01 - 50:00: Closing Thoughts Adam’s final thoughts on the future of cybersecurity and venture capital. How to connect with Adam and follow his work at Squadra Ventures.

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