Take Back Control: Unveiling the Secrets of Data Privacy with Lawrence Gentilello
Unscripted | David RavivJuly 02, 202400:54:2150.3 MB

Take Back Control: Unveiling the Secrets of Data Privacy with Lawrence Gentilello

Curious about who has your personal data and how to take it back?

Tune in as Lawrence Gentilello, a privacy expert, explains the steps you can take to protect your information online.In this episode, David Raviv talks with Lawrence Gentilello,

CEO and co-founder of Optery, about the importance of data privacy. Lawrence shares his journey from working at BlueKai, Oracle, and Accenture to starting Optery after experiencing identity theft. They discuss how data collection has evolved, the impact of privacy laws, and how Optery helps people remove their personal information from data brokers.

00:00:00 Introduction: David welcomes Lawrence Gentilello. 00:01:00 Lawrence's Background: His journey to founding Optery. 00:02:00 Identity Theft: Lawrence’s personal experience and how it inspired Optery. 00:03:00 Data Collection Evolution: How data collection has changed over time. 00:07:00 Privacy Laws: The role of laws like CCPA and GDPR. 00:09:00 Consumer Control: How Optery helps users control their data. 00:14:00 Practical Tips: Using temporary addresses and disposable emails. 00:22:00 Regulatory Compliance: Challenges with data brokers and state laws. 00:28:00 Opting Out: How Optery simplifies the opt-out process. 00:32:00 Data Breaches: The impact on personal information security. 00:45:00 Future of Privacy: Potential for federal privacy laws. 00:51:00 Sign-Up Process: How to use Optery and its benefits. 00:54:00 Conclusion: Final thoughts on protecting your personal data.

This episode gives you practical advice on protecting your data and insights into the world of online privacy.