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Unscripted: Real Conversations, Unfiltered Insights

adjective un·​script·​ed
: not following a prepared script


David Raviv

From Code to Community: Charting the Tech Frontier

This podcast series is designed to connect the dots between cybersecurity expertise, tech innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. Drawing from  years  of exprience in  cybersecurity and a fervent dedication to community engagement, my aim is to simplify the complexities of security, privacy, and technology for a wide audience. Through conversations with industry leaders, we delve into forefront topics, exchange pivotal knowledge, and cultivate professional growth. This initiative reflects my deep commitment to enriching the tech and cybersecurity landscapes, inspiring and enlightening enthusiasts and professionals alike in these dynamic fields.

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What People Are Saying

Cyber Security Analyst

A must-listen for anyone interested in the cutting edge of tech and security. David brings together the best in the business, making complex topics engaging and understandable.

Startup foudner

Listening to this podcast has opened my eyes to the nuances of cybersecurity and entrepreneurship. David's passion and expertise shine through in every conversation.

Tech Journalist

David's insights on cybersecurity are unparalleled. Each episode feels like a masterclass, blending technical depth with accessible storytelling

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